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“Tāngata, Takiwā, Tūāpapa”
“Our People, Our Place, Our Platform”


28 April 2017


Things are progressing with our Shelly Bay Joint Venture. As you know, the development of Shelly Bay is a key component of our Tūāpapa pou, and a significant opportunity for us to build our economic platform for the benefit of members in the future.

It is likely that there will be media attention on Shelly Bay this afternoon and over coming days. The Wellington City Council (WCC) met earlier in the week to determine whether they will commit resources to this development, and they will be making the outcome of this decision public today. Over 50% of the Shelly Bay project will be public space – this is a fantastic development which will transform Wellington and could provide many benefits to our iwi and members.

Today, on behalf of Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika, the Chair, Wayne Mulligan will attend a media conference with the WCC council leadership providing an overview of this project. We are very pleased that the Trust’s relationship with the Wellington City Council is developing and strengthening since the recent signing of our MOU, and that we can demonstrate the benefits of working together constructively for the benefit of Taranaki Whānui and for Wellington.

As recently reported, the development has already received resource consent. The process now is that WCC must undertake public consultation. The WCC own a fair portion of Shelly Bay and they are important partners for the development, particularly relating to infrastructure and road upgrade work.  

WCC has advised us that it will now commence the communication and consultation process.


Nā māua noa, nā

Wayne Mulligan & Peter Jackson


Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika
Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust


Click here to see memo to the Mayor of Wellington City Council



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Date: 04/28/17 - 04/28/17
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