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15 March 2019


Mai Turakirae ki Rimurapa,
Mai Rimurapa ki Remutaka,
Mukamuka ki te Ra Whiti,
Pipinui ki te R
ā To.


Nau mai, haere mai, whakatau mai ki Wainui-o-mata mo to tātou rā hei whakanui i to tātou tūpuna i hainatia i te Tiriti o Waitangi. 


He Rā mo Tātou – our Whānau Day – is our opportunity to celebrate our iwi identity and achievements.


Save the date – this year we will hold our celebration on Sunday 28 April, on the former Wanui-o-mata College site at Moohan St, Wainui-o-mata.

The timing of this event reflects the significance of the 29 April 1840 signing of Te Tiriti by our tupuna in Whanganui-a-Tara.

We’ll be hosting a whānau celebration from 10am-2pm, intended as a fun, informal opportunity to come together over kai.

Our venue is also the site for the Taranaki Whānui Wainui-o-mata Housing Project and there will be people available on-site to provide more information on this kaupapa.

Our event will be held rain or shine – if wet we will be in the College Hall.


We also want to acknowledge whānau milestones and achievements that have taken place over the past 12 months.  If you have a new baby, if there has been a wedding, or significant wedding anniversary, if someone in your whānau has graduated from university or trade training, or your tamariki or moko has made it into their top school team for netball, rugby, basketball, athletics, received a school prize for academic or other achievement or has achieved in a creative field – we want to know!  If you follow the link HERE, you can provide us with a photo and a caption of your whānau member and what you would like them to be recognised for.   We will create a visual collage of our uri so that we can all recognise them and what they have achieved this year.  Or you can forward a photo and caption to


We are seeking volunteers to help out on the day and with planning. Click HERE if you are interested.


We hope to see you all on Sunday 28 April.



14 February 2019


Mai Turakirae ki Rimurapa,
Mai Rimurapa ki Remutaka,
Mukamuka ki te Ra Whiti
Pipinui ki te Ra To

Ngā mihi kau ana ra kia koutou katoa ngā uri o Taranaki Whānui ki te Upoko o Te Ika.

This special issue of Te Kawekawea serves as an update to the Taranaki Whānui Wainui-o-mata Housing Project (interim name and formally Te Matehou).
The Trust extends its apologises for the delay in communicating the progress of this project; in particular, the erection of the fence around the site before the lifting of the Rāhui.  The Trust is working extremely hard with several moving pieces and to quite tight deadlines.  However, we appreciate and understand that we failed to keep uri, partners and stakeholders informed on progress and similarly.  We offer our sincere apologies.

Moving forward on the Taranaki Whānui Wainui-o-mata Housing Project
Since, and before our 2018 Annual General Meeting, the Trust has been in dialogue with whānau groups who noted their concerns regarding the housing project.  We have been working with them to tease these out and have realigned certain aspects of the project, such as enabling greater involvement of uri in the ‘on the ground’ developments.  Collaborating with whānau groups and the Working Group has been incredibly important to building a strong foundation for this project as it moves forward.  We thank you all for your contribution, tireless effort and commitment to this very important kaupapa.

It is with that sense of collaboration and mahi tahi that the Trust is pleased to advise uri and whānau that we are at the point of commencing civil works onsite before the Wellington winter kicks in.  This marks the physical start of a journey towards enabling whānau with a range of affordable housing solutions.

Lifting the Rāhui, Blessing of the Site and Sod Turning:
Lifting of the rāhui, blessing of the site and a sod turning will be performed on Friday, 15 February at 8:00am.   This will take place in front of the Kōhanga car park. A further blessing will be performed when the first home is started.  Uri are welcome to attend both events, and a further apology for the late notice.
From midday Friday, civil works will begin on the ‘underground’ infrastructure in preparation for the ‘aboveground’ structures.
Underground refers to: power, stormwater, sewerage plus roading and pavements for the entire site.

The fenced area is Stage 1 of this project. Safety restrictions apply. DO NOT ENTER the compound.

Only part of the site, e.g. Stage 1, is consented and agreed to in terms of aboveground development.

This stage of civil works doesn’t directly affect existing tenants located on site.
Next Steps:
As we take the next steps forward, we will be holding consultation hui and surveying your views regarding the ‘aboveground’ opportunities for our 2019 Taranaki Whānui Wainui-o-mata Housing Project.  This will include

-          Appropriate name for the site
-          Aboveground Stage 2 and 3 developments
Detail on the landscaping and actual housing options will be provided for discussion with uri and whānau through consultation hui.

The Trust has received interest from whānau wanting homes and we look forward to updating you on the progress to make that happen.  If you haven’t yet registered your interest, click HERE complete online using the link below.

How will this impact tenants and their visitors?
This stage of the bulk earthworks and infrastructure impacts only one tenant, who has already received notice.  We will keep you updated on siteworks being undertaken.

Gym/Hall Bookings: 
We’re aware of a major community event that’s already booked for March. There will be no impact on the operations of the gym/hall, and access arrangements will be provided through the site.

Dates/times of operation:
Siteworks will begin at noon on 15 February 2019 and are programmed to be completed in August 2019.   Hours of operation for siteworks will generally be 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday-Saturday.

Access to and from the site/services:
The main access to the site will be retained during construction and the secondary access will be closed at a later date with an alternative access being provided from the main access.  Further details on the site works plan will be communicated in due course.
Contractor information:
Wellington Earthworks and Drainage is the siteworks contractor: a local Wainui-o-mata business.
Your points of contact:
Any project/siteworks issues: Cuttriss Engineering and Survey are managing the civil infrastructure stage: Contact Jim McMenamin (Senior Civil Engineer or Mob 029 2888 477) or Sam Godwin (Civil Engineer: or Mob 027 864 4882).
Overall project management: Alison Esler of Egmont Dixon (Project Manager, or 027 650 6352).
Any tenant issues: continue to contact Rod Maxwell (site manager 027 248 1529) or Mat Morrell (caretaker 022 403 0480)
Further updates:
We will of course update you regularly via email, PNBST Facebook page and Te Kawekawea.  Click HERE to update your contact details.


31 January 2019

A Crown-Iwi partnership is being explored that could form a significant part of the solution to Wellington’s housing woes, with an MoU being signed between mana whenua and the government that is investigating the potential for affordable homes built on the site.

Taranaki Whānui Limited (the wholly owned commercial arm of Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust) and the Government’s Land for Housing Programme (HUD) have entered into an MoU to collaborate and work together on the future of a 11.7 hectare site of surplus land on Mt Crawford, on the capital’s Miramar Peninsula.

As part of their Treaty of Waitangi settlement, the trustees of the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust (Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika) have a right of first refusal (RFR) over the site and all scheduled Crown land within the rohe.

The Land for Housing Programme is administered by the Ministry of the Housing and Urban Development. It is tasked with freeing up vacant and underutilised Crown land for housing purposes.

The site is currently made up of Corrections and Defence land that is surplus to requirements, with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) responsible for its disposal.

‘Iwi have the first right of refusal for the land at Mt Crawford. Taranaki Whānui Limited approached the Ministry in late 2018 with the intention to meet the needs of their members and all Wellingtonians for more affordable housing,’ says Land for Housing Development Manager Phil Stroud.

Stroud says, ‘The Ministry is willing to explore the development potential of Mt Crawford, particularly its potential for housing, including affordable KiwiBuild homes.  We look forward to working together towards an outcome that makes the best use of this land.

Taranaki Whānui Chair Wayne Mulligan says that it is still early days before any concrete details are agreed upon.

‘Step one is to agree we will work together with a no-surprises approach and we have signed and sealed that with this MoU. This reinforces the benefits that can be derived from Iwi settlement and the Crown working collaboratively for the collective benefit of Wellingtonians.’

‘There are a wider group of stakeholders that we need to work with, including The Wellington City Council.’

The Ministry and Iwi will be working towards completing the due diligence process by the end of September 2019, building on some initial planning works already undertaken by Iwi and others in late 2016 to determine what is possible to be delivered at the site.

Mulligan says the MoU is an example of Treaty of Waitangi principles in action and ‘the potential development of the Mt Crawford site marks an important milestone for Taranaki Whānui aspirations to restore, revitalise strengthen and enhance the cultural, social and economic well-being of Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika and to deliver much needed affordable housing solutions to our members and community. The preservation of cultural and historic aspects of the site are top of mind, and we will be working with a range of stakeholders on that aspect.’

See here for frequently asked questions



4 December 2018

From your Board of Trustees : Yesterday the Court of Appeal released its judgement in regards to Shelly Bar/Taikuru (Enterprise Miramar Peninsula v Wellington City Council).

Whilst it was not a favourable result, the Trust is digesting the judgement before considering potential options.

We will keep uri informed as we progress.

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