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Due to legal proceedings in the Māori Land Court, the Trust agreed to the appointment of an independent review of the process undertaken by the Trust. The Māori Land Court, with agreement of all parties to the litigation, appointed Sir Wira Gardiner as the independent reviewer. The review began in April 2020 and was required to examine:

  1. The Trust’s existing processes, policies and practices in respect of ensuring that members database and the Members’ Register is maintained in a condition that is up to date, accurate and as complete as possible;
  2. The Trust’s processes, policies and practices for the identification and registration of members not yet on the Members Register (including those recorded in the Trust’s database as an unverified member and those members not yet in the Trust’s database) and including whether the Trust provides sufficient assistance to persons who believe they are members of Taranaki Whānui but for whatever reason are not able to establish such membership; and
  3. To the extent that there are currently no processes, policies and practices in place on any relevant matter, what processes, policies and practices should be implemented by the Trust.
See the full report here;

25 May 2020 - Independent Review conducted by Sir Wira Gardiner


The Māori Land Court Judge has made a decision and has provided directions. 

See the full judgement here:

12 August 2020 - Māori Land Court Judgement


Part of the Judge's directions was for both parties to agree a workplan to address the register issues.

See the full plan here:

11 September 2020 - Agreed workplan


Working party groups:

As part of of the update of the Trust's membership database, the Trust is calling for applications to the following working party groups:
1.) Software
2.) Policies and procedures

Please click here to apply.

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